Inglés Para Emprendedores

You have a great idea, passion and drive, and you want to harness your business mindset and creativity to start your company or develop a big idea in a company that’s already established— which is why taking your entrepreneurship course is the first step in following your dreams. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your English skills in listening, speaking, writing and increasing your vocabulary, while you learn important tools necessary for any entrepreneur in this hectic and competitive world.


  1. Be a better entrepreneur: 10 powerful elements we must apply in our own lives to be able to get our goals.
  2. Types of Entrepreneurship: why do you need to be an entrepreneur.
  3. Mental resilience: wow entrepreneurs handle failure. Brainstorming business ideas.
  4. Why startups fail: The dark side of entrepreneurship. Class experiences in businesses.
  5. Giving the speech. From elevator pitch to a complete presentation to raise investment and get your aim. Tools for a good presentation.
  6. Screw-up nights: a time to share experiences in which you “failed” but actually you got a life time lesson.
  7. Research ideas for new businesses and get ready to present it in a larger group. People vote for the best ideas. Feedback form the audience.
  8. Talk-Talk. Space for entrepreneurs in which they can look for feedback in some projects they are dealing with or working at.

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