Conversation & Dinner

Conversation & Dinner

We generate a space to talk about different topics, use the language, meet new people and have fun. Usually we have guests who expose on a particular topic and then we talk about it.

We talk with people from different countries about different topics, such as: love, family, health, significant relationships, business, lives with purpose, among others. It’s important to have a prior knowledge of the language so nobody feels frustrated when coming to the event.

We simulate being in a bar/restaurant drinking and eating something delicious, with someone serving us in English, while the environment generates us to use the language.

You are all invited to enjoy a night where you’ll have not only the opportunity to speak English but also learn some interesting facts about (country), also, our host will answer any questions you might have about this country. After some conversation time, we will enjoy some typical (country) Food. Book your place in advance.

▶️ Date: July: 26th, Friday
▶️ Time: 8:30 PM
▶️ Place: E-Klab, Av. Pellegrini 831, Rosario.
▶️ Tickets (on sale soon)
📍 Deadline to register:

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